Hell Hole Reservoir -  Placer County, CA



Elevation 4630 ft.

DESCRIPTION: This remote, rugged, and very scenic reservoir lies at the foot of the Granite Chief Wilderness.

with a season of mid-June through October. Lake is drawn down by mid to late summer.


From Georgetown drive 55 miles east via Forest Service the Wentworth Springs Road (FS#1) and then turn left onto the Eleven Pines Road a few miles above the Stumpy Meadows Reservoir.

The reservoir can also be reached from French Meadows Reservoir and then traveling south on the gravel road over Chipmunk Ridge.

Fishing (Best)
Rainbow, brown, cutthroat, Kamloop Junction rainbows and Kokanee are here.

 Boating Lakes & Reservoirs (Good)
All craft allowed, but afternoon winds often make boating hazardous. Gravel boat ramp. Boat ramp near dam on west side. Large parking area and overnight parking and camping allowed. Best for trailers/RVs. Best in late spring to mid-summer due to draw down.

Flat-water paddling often good as the number of powerboats is small and a boat access campground on the upper end is a perfect long paddle -- when the winds arenít up and especially if youíre not returning into the headwinds.


Big Meadow Campground
Hell Hole Campground:
Upper Hell Hole Reservoir Campground

Communities - Georgetown

Reservations-  First Come First Served


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